Are you concerned about or even facing Prostate Cancer?

Do you have questions such as  “what do I do now”, “how to cope” and “why me”?

Hopefully, this website can help. You won’t find all of the answers here, but what you will find is the experience of one man, Dr. Bjarne Gabrielsen, who has faced, and continues to face, this challenge since 1995.

Within the pages of this site, are many current developments in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, medical resources and updates, spiritual and temporal experiences gained and lessons learned by the writer over a period of nearly twenty years.

Please read on to learn a little more…here is a great place to start.

NEW!!! If you are a man over 40, an initial overview of prostate cancer screening, detection and related issues can be found in the December 28th, 2015 post.

For additional “beginner” information on prostate cancer, see the May 17, 2015 post.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON THE BLOG POSTS;  The most recent 2015-2016 posts are February 3rd, February 2nd, January 22nd, January 11th, January 8th, 2016. There is a special video dated April 30th, 2015.  New guidelines for the treatment of hormone-resistant prostate cancers were posted on September 26th, 2014The Jan. 3rd, 2012 blog post listing prostate cancer drugs either approved or under late stage development is updated as developments are disclosed.  An interesting clinical trial was posted on July 11th, 2012 for men with low-volume prostate cancer. For updated clinical trials information, see the Medical Resources section on this website.