Video – God Still Speaks Clearly To Us Today.

Sunset over Charlotte Harbor, Florida; BJ Gabrielsen, photo.

Sunset over Charlotte Harbor, Florida; BJ Gabrielsen, photo.

During February, 2015, I was personally experiencing several trying physical issues and was feeling overwhelmed at times.  From past experience, it is precisely during such times of stress that God especially provides messages of peace and encouragement through His Word.  This was the case again for me and I was prompted to write about these experiences in website blogs of February 16th and February 19th.  Upon reading these posts, my pastor asked if these messages could be put on a 5-minute video to be shown in our church and placed on the church’s website.  The video can be accessed below.  Since that time, several issues have been resolved.  However, when one reads about God’s leadership and interactions with His people Israel in the Old Testament, He specifically tells them to make physical markers of stone to be permanently placed in locations wherein He has miraculously delivered them.  These markers would serve as continuous reminders of God’s care, presence and deliverance in future times when obstacles were encountered.  It is my prayer that this video serve a similar purpose in my own life and as a reminder to you the reader that God cares about each of us and desires a personal relationship with us.  Thank you for reading and viewing this.


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2 Responses to Video – God Still Speaks Clearly To Us Today.

  1. Mat Swift says:

    Super video…..will link it to my website….thanks for all you do in HIS name…Mat

  2. Joseph Riegel says:

    Dr. Gabrielsen, you are walking with your eyes heavenly-focused seeing life through God’s eyes. Thank you for encouraging us through your journey of faith. You remain in our prayers!

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