Prostate Cancer “Calculator”

I recently came across an interesting article about a 72 year old man seeking advice on his prostate cancer diagnosis from his urologist at the University of Texas Health Center.  His urologist showed him a unique way for men to evaluate their risk of developing prostate cancer by using a simple tool called the Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator.  It involves entering data regarding age, race, PSA level, family history, digital rectal examination and prior prostate biopsy into a “calculator” which then gives a general risk percentage of high-grade or low-grade prostate cancer, and the chances that a biopsy  would be negative.  The web address for this calculator is and can be accessed from the linked article.  Please be advised that this is for information purposes only and should always be used in consultation with one’s personal physician.

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  1. Recent study also show that men taking selenium supplements might double their risk of aggressive prostate cancer.

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