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Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer Linked to Depression and a Personal Note of Encouragement.

A large study (see the Cancer Network Oncology link) from Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston suggests that men receiving testosterone-suppressing (hormone) therapy (ADT) for prostate cancer may be at increased risk of developing depression. The findings, published online April 11th in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, are based on Medicare more »

Can God Use Cancer?

I recently received an e mail from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) entitled Health, Hope and Inspiration. These periodic e mails contain 30 minute interviews with Rev. Percy McCray, spiritual coordinator for CTCA. The latest interview entitled “Can God Use Cancer?” grabbed my attention. Rev. McCray’s immediate answer to the question was a more »

My Presentation With Dr. Jacek Mostwin (Johns Hopkins) at the 5th Conference on Religion and Medicine, March 25th, 2017, Houston, Texas

A few months ago, my long-time Johns Hopkins urology surgeon, Dr. Jacek Mostwin, suggested that we prepare a joint presentation for the meeting cited above. I readily agreed. The annual conference on Religion and Medicine encourages physicians, care-givers and hospital pastoral staff to see their patients as more than data, results and medical information but more »

In the Hands of God

Hans Edvard Wisloff was a prominent Norwegian Lutheran Bishop, theologian and writer in the mid 20th century. Being of direct Norwegian ancestry myself, I found this short essay of encouragement. “God has given us permission to bring everything to Him in prayer. Nothing is too big, nothing too small. He has promised that He will more »

Two “Must-Read” Prostate Cancer Websites.

I came across two prostate cancer websites which I highly recommend.  One is called; a site which contains medical and spiritual helps.  The second is an inspirational site, http://www.prostateand, written by a prostate cancer patient himself.   As we and our families and friends experience these medical conditions, it is of great encouragement to more »

A Divine Encounter to Remember

When it comes to spiritual issues, my rational and scientific background often predominates and I am not usually an emotional man though I have experienced God’s presence (through the Holy Spirit) many times since becoming a Christian.  However, on Tuesday, February 17th, 2015, I experienced Jesus’ specific presence and message to me as I had more »

NewsPulse, a Medical Resource from the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Biomarkers in Urine for the Detection of Prostate Cancer.

Sources of current medical information concerning prostate cancer are listed on this website under the section Medical Resources.  Recently, a new August 2011 electronic newsletter entitled NewsPulse was received from the Prostate Cancer Foundation. The issue contained very current information on specific diagnostic methods, biomarkers for cancer detection, targeted therapies and drugs under development, nutrition and more »


  I am a prostate cancer patient-survivor since 1995. I have had a radical prostatectomy and radiation therapy and am currently on androgen deprivation (hormonal) therapy (ADT). I have no physical cancer symptoms but my PSA increases rapidly if not controlled by ADT. If you have logged on to this website, you may perhaps also more »


January 27th, 2009: God does speak to us directly through His Word. It’s our duty to believe it and trust in it. I had lots of yard work to do and was about to start it. But the Spirit told me to sit down first and read a couple of my daily devotional readings. I more »


January 4th, 2008: Faith versus anxiety. My major question has always been: “Did God really speak to me in 2004 at Faith Baptist Church and in my driveway? Then can I count on what He said? I must count on His Word and not just some message I think I received. Can I justify what more »