Updates on Active Surveillance (AS) for Prostate Cancer.

Active Surveillance (AS) is a monitoring program with possible application for patients diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer. It is gaining popularity as a means to avoid overtreatment of indolent, slow-growing prostate cancers. The likelihood of harboring small bits of prostate cancer in a man is about equal to his age as a percentage. For example, in men more »

Weekly Consumption of Deep-Fried Foods Linked to Prostate Cancer.

I don’t usually write about the implications of diet on prostate cancer. But a former scientific colleague recently sent me an article from Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News which cited research findings from the well-respected Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Researchers there found that men who reported eating French fries, fried chicken, fried fish, and/or doughnuts at more »

“I Have Bad News”. Must it Always Be?

I recently read a reprinted  “Sermon of the Week” from a local Florida newspaper. In the context of yesterday’s blog post, “Hope When Your World Falls Apart”, this “sermon” could be labeled as Part Two. The writer had been given bad news by a physician who used the phrase, “I have bad news, we found cancer.” Even while clinging to God’s peace, more »

Hope When Your World Falls Apart.

What was your first thought when you were initially informed that you had prostate cancer? Personally, mine was “can it be cured?” When reality and reason was restored, one of my predominant thoughts and prayers was (and remains) “God, please do not let me die of this disease.” More precisely, I don’t fear death itself more »

Galeterone and Tasquinimod, Two New Drugs in Late-stage Clinical Development.

New information has recently been published updating early clinical trials results for two new promising prostate cancer drugs, galeterone (TOK-011 from Tokai Pharmaceuticals) and tasquinimod (TASQ, from Active Biotech and Ispen).  Both drugs have been described in the December 20th, 2012 issue of the Prostate Cancer Foundation NewsPulse. Galeterone: Resistance to therapy is a growing concern more »